What is Corona virus and How to protect

Corona viruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness from the common cold to more serve diseases and a COVID 19 is a new virus of this family that has not been previously identified in humans. Here we discuss and look how to protect from new corona virus.

How to protect

01 – Wash your hands

Try to clean your hand frequently with water, soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. This will help you to kill viruses on your hand.

02 – Avoid close social contact

Stay at least 3 meters away from the person who is coughing or sneezing. This will prevent you from breath infected droplets of others.

03 – Use safe greetings methods such as a wave, a nod or a bow when you greet another.

04 – Don’t touch your nose, mouth and eyes.

when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose with infected hand, the virus can enter your body easily.

05 – Do not eat sick animals and animals died from the diseases

06 – Use different chopping boards and knives for raw and cooked food and clean them well.

07 – When coughing or sneezing in public, cover nose and mouth with tissue or bend of your elbow.

If you use a tissue discard it immediately into a closed bin

08 – It is a good decision to clean the surfaces regularly.

09 – If you have symptoms of diseases contact medical officer immediately (Make a telephone call before visit).

Stay home if you feel unwell and follow the guidance of your local health authority.

10 – Stay Updated.

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When & How we should wear a Medical mask for COVID-19.


  • If you don’t have a symptom such as coughing, sneezing or runny nose you don’t need to wear a medical mask.
  • Wear a mask if you make close contact with ill persons.
  • Sick people should wear a medical mask to protect others because when they cough or sneeze small droplets comes out.


  • Before wear a mask washes your hand with alcohol-based sanitizer, soap or water.
  • inspect the mask for tears or holes.
  • Identify the top of the mask
  • Identify the inside of the mask – Usually white side
  • Adjust the mask on your face until covering both mouth and chin.
  • Don’t touch front of the mask while using it. – If you touch it clean your hand.
  • Don’t touch the mask when you remove it. – If you touch it clean your hand.
  • Discard the used mask immediately into a closed bin
  • Replace the mask as soon as it gets dump.


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